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The Christchurch Earthquakes – where can I still get help?

Useful Advice and Resources  

There are still ways to get help as you recover from the effects of the earthquakes.
This page offers some suggestions for resources and where to find help.  There are also some reading resources, you can share your story and find out about counselling services.
More information will be added as we become aware of them.


Earthquake-related advice and support

The Christchurch City Council has put together a list of advisory and support services that can be accessed here.  The services include:

  • Residential Advisory Service (RAS) – to help progress issues between home owners, insurance companies, and EQC.
  • Canterbury Support Line – free and confidential service to help with questions, give information, connect callers with free counselling or organisations that can offer practical support, information or advice.Call 0800 777 846
  • Earthquake Support Coordination Service – assists people to navigate their way through the wide range of services involved in rebuilding people’s homes and lives.Call 0800 777 846.
  • Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service (CETAS) – to assist homeowners and people in rented accommodation whose homes are uninhabitable or who need help finding suitable rental accommodation while their house is repaired or rebuilt.
  • Breakthrough Services – a free service for people who want their earthquake claim to progress in a way they have confidence in.

Community Energy Action 

The earthquakes have damaged thousands of houses in Canterbury with many households still living in their damaged homes. As a result, keeping warm and healthy at home has become a real challenge for many householders especially vulnerable people on low incomes.
The earthquakes have also provided opportunities to make homes better, warmer and healthier. Whether it is repairing your home better or keeping warm in your damaged home, we can help with:

  • information about keeping warm in an earthquake damaged home
  • providing repairs for uninsured home owners on a case-by-case basis
  • funding for energy efficiency improvements during repairs for vulnerable people
  • other earthquake related information

For more information, click here or call 0800 GET WARM (0800 438 9276).

Resources for those affected by the Floods  

Skylight have put together an extensive webpage of resources for those affected by the floods. If you have people in your community affected you might like to point them to this page.
In the Know – Answers to your questions about the rebuild and repair process in greater Canterbury
In the Know aims to make it faster and easier for Canterbury residents to get information about the residential rebuild and repair process. All the questions on this site have been put forward by community members and groups, for agencies working on the residential rebuild and repair process to answer.  Topics include insurance, cash settlement and repairs.  Questions and answers are available here.  A seminar series on residential repair and rebuild related topics held in 2015 is available via YouTube from this link.
Dr Rob Gordon – 12 minute You Tube clip
The New Zealand Red Cross brought Dr Rob Gordon to Christchurch earlier in the year. While he was here, they filmed a 12 minute video clip on You Tube for the residents in Christchurch. Check it out here

Reading Material

The Worry Bug
Two story books for primary-aged children that will deal with how to manage earthquake-related stress and will address anxiety management strategies. The resources for 4-8 year olds consist of two picture books, illustrated by Jenny Cooper, and available in Te Reo.  Wishes and Worries is a story for teachers and has easily adaptable lesson plan ideas to introduce children to the ways anxiety may be affecting their learning and strategies to lessen anxiety’s impact.  Maia and the Worry Bug is a story for families and has ideas and exercises for home, focusing on the way anxiety can change a family’s behaviour and impact on family life.
‘All Right?’ resources
‘All Right?’ is a Healthy Christchurch initiative that was launched in February 2013 to support Cantabrians to think about and improve their mental health and wellbeing as the region recovers from the earthquakes.  Some of the ‘All Right?’ projects include:

  • Activities for the whanau set of activity cards
  • ‘Let’s talk about parenting’ project
  • ‘Tiny adventures’ to help parents enjoy quick, fun, affordable activities with their children

A number of free resources are available at this link.
Messages for those whose homes are being repaired by:  EQC has a Canterbury section of its website – http://www.eqc.govt.nz/canterbury.  The Fletcher EQC Home Owners Guide to the repair process – http://www.eqr.co.nz/


Help and resources for Earthquake related stress from Skylight
Skylight’s specialty as an organisation is loss, trauma, disaster and grief support for all ages. The following support information may be helpful for your own organisation’s Canterbury staff or clients – or for your own family/whanau and friends, or other community networks.
Skylight has previously assisted with disaster recovery in the Victoria bushfires and the Queensland floods, as well as the West Coast Mining Disaster and September 4th earthquake in Christchurch. We are totally committed to supporting the Christchurch community in any way we can.
Skylight has articles and resources available at http://www.skylight.org.nz/Earthquake+Aftermath+Support
Skylight has brought in a special international shipments of an extremely effective post-trauma books:
Contact Skylight for more information on resources and services they provide on 0800 299 100 or +64 4 939 6767

Share Your Story

Read the Quake Stories of others or add your own

QuakeStories is a place where you can tell your stories about the earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011 and their aftershocks. Whatever your age, whether you’re an individual, part of a community, a business or an organisation, you have stories to tell.
This initiative is a collaboration between the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and NV Interactive.
Visit the QuakeStories website (http://www.quakestories.govt.nz/)to read the stories of others and add your own

Counselling and support options

Places to seek support:
Canterbury Support and Counselling Line 0800 777 846
Canterbury District Health Board Specialist Mental Health Services 0800 920 092
Refuee & Migrants with earthquake related issues contact Christchurch Resettlement Services (03) 335 0311 admin@crs.org.nz
Victim Support – 0800 842 846
24/7 telephone contact. People may need to leave their details and a volunteer will ring them back.
Samaritans – 0800 726 666
24/7. National telephone listening and support service staffed by volunteers.
Lifeline – 0800 543 354
Confidential 24/7 telephone counselling and email counselling service.   All age groups are welcome to contact us for telephone & email counselling.
Whanau Trauma Line – 0800 222 042
8:00am – 8:00pm. Te Puna Oranga is offering this free service for anyone who would like to korero or you just need someone to listen. If you are feeling stressed after the earthquake, family relationships building up, not feeling safe, physical, emotional, sexual abuse past trauma still affecting you and your whanau for safe confidential korero we are here to listen to you.
Iwi Maori and Pacific Island Residents 0800 524 8248 (Te Runanga O Ngaitahu) – 0800 875 839 or 027 600 9412 (Te Puni Kokiri)Ethnic Support Migrants and Refugees on the government helpline – 0800 779 997 or at Settlement Support New Zealand – 0800 776 948. Youthline – 0800 376 633 or text 234 www.youthline.co.nz or email talk@youthline.co.nz The Canterbury Chinese Support Group is offering help and advice for Chinese people affected by the earthquake. Its headquarters is at the Rewi Alley Centre in Riccarton, Christchurch. (03) 341 7108

New Zealand Government Resources

Community Health and Wellbeing post Earthquakes
Community and Public Health have written up recovery ideas for community mental health and wellbeing.  Click here for more info.
Support for you after the quake
Many organisations and Government agencies are here to help you during this difficult time.
This information below was offered after the September 2010 earthquake
Coping personally – infomation for communities
Coping personally-information for health staff and volunteers
Helping adolescents
Helping children
Stress after emergencies
Support after the quake-factsheet