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Our Turn, Our Future – Restoring the Sacred Heart Basilica in Timaru

Our Turn, Our Future – Restoring the Sacred Heart Basilica in Timaru
“The Sacred Heart Basilica in Timaru stands as a testament to the glory of God and to the parish’s generosity of spirit. Together, through our shared commitment to the Lord and to the Church, we can renew the physical building that symbolises the spiritual home for Catholics in Timaru. I invite you to join us in making this important work possible.”
+ Paul Martin SM
Bishop of Christchurch
The Sacred Heart Basilica is among the most noteworthy examples of ecclesiastical architecture in New Zealand, and has served the Timaru community for over 100 years.
Investigations following the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes, however, revealed the Basilica is no longer able to meet the safety and building standards required for an earthquake-prone building.
To continue its service as a place of worship both now and for the future, the Basilica must be strengthened. We will use steel and concrete to reinforce the Basilica’s nave, transepts and towers to ensure the church structure is above the mandated 34% of the new building standards for required earthquake-prone buildings. We will also install fire safety systems, repair the interior central dome, and renew the framing around the windows so that the Basilica can continue to be used by generations to come.
To date, the generosity of parishioners has already raised close to $1 million of the parish’s $1.6 million fundraising goal, with additional funding being sought from trusts.
The parish fundraising goal, combined with Diocesan insurance disbursements, will enable the $3.9 million total construction project to move forward.
The funding gap must be closed in order to transform our vision of a strengthened Basilica into reality. God is never outdone in generosity. It is time for each one of us to step forward.
“As People of God, as Disciples of the Risen Lord, and as Timaruvians, the Parish needs your support to continue the task of caring for this Tribute of Faith gifted by our ancestors, which will be our Spiritual Gift to future generations.”
Reverend Brian Fennessy
Parish Priest
Donate now to the Our Turn: Our Future Campaign in support of the Sacred Heart Basilica:
For more information about the Campaign, please contact 03 366 9869 or campaign@chch.catholic.org.nz.