Gifts in Wills

Thank you for considering a meaningful legacy that includes the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. 

Your Will is an important legal document that reflects the people, causes and values closest to your heart.  

Making a gift of any size through your Will can support the mission of your parish, the Catholic Church, and the faith of future generations.  


  • Reflect on what is important to you and talk to your loved ones
  • Speak to your lawyer or solicitor about drafting or revisiting your Will
  • Decide what type of gift to leave each of your beneficiaries- it could be a piece of property, securities, cash, or a percentage of your estate
  • Let us know so we can thank you and discuss what you hope your gift will help to accomplish  

Please use these words in preparing your Will:

I give and bequeath to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Diocesan Trust (Charity No. CC33341) the following:
(Indicate a specific sum of money, asset, a portion of your estate, or the residual of your property after distributions are made)

to be used at the Trustee’s discretion, and express my wish for funds to be applied to General Purposes or

(Choose one: Youth Ministries | Church/es within the Parish of… | The Cathedral | Training of Seminarians | Care of Retired Clergy | Catholic Education)

and declare that the receipt of the Secretary of the said Trust shall be full and sufficient discharge of my Trustees.

I declare that if the charity I have nominated has been amalgamated with another charity or has changed its name then such trust shall not fail but my Trustees shall transfer it to the charitable organisation which my Trustees consider most nearly fulfils the objectives I intended to benefit. The decision of my Trustees in this regard shall be final and binding.


To talk about leaving a gift in your Will please email or call 03 366 9869.  


The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch invites donors who have planned a future gift to join the Rejoice Always Society. 

The Society, named after the motto on Archbishop Paul Martin’s Coat of arms, is our way of thanking individuals who have made a special commitment to our Diocese’s future. 

Throughout our history, the quiet generosity of many men and women has enabled our parishes to grow into the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, encompassing over 1,000km2 and embracing tens of thousands of parishioners. 

This support has come from people with far-reaching vision and a desire to see the faith in this Diocese grow and meet the needs of those around us. 

“I am inspired to give to the Church because of the history of our families here in Akaroa. My grandchildren are the seventh generation to be part of this parish. I give to honour those who came before us, and to demonstrate our willingness to give to those still to come.” 

Ged Foley, Akaroa Parish

“I want to build upon the history of my family as benefactors, givers, and volunteers to our Church. This is a part of our family’s tradition.” 

Linda O’Brien, Christchurch East Parish