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Church Architecture Resources

The Bishop of a Diocese is the moderator, promoter and guardian of the entire liturgical life in the Church entrusted to his care.
The Diocese offers some resources for parishes and parishioners as we look to rebuild, repair and strengthen our churches.
Inform 75.pdf God’s Dwelling Place.pdf

God’s Dwelling Place.  Building Firm in Faith: The House of God, The House of the Church

Following the House of God document (below) a more substantial publication has been released responding to the request of many parishioners for more formation, detail and direction.
It will be most usefully read in conjunction with The House of God document.
This document seeks to communicate the spirit of the liturgy and therefore focuses on factors that need to be taken into account when designing and building, restoring or re-ordering a Catholic church. The practical details offered enable this good formation to be easily and meaningfully implemented in a newly built or re-ordered

The House of God:House_of_God_cover.jpg

Bishop Barry has released a document to inform and guide the Diocese in the task of building churches.  It is entitled ‘The House of God‘.
Download a copy below:
Inform 75.pdf The House of God.pdf

Other Resources:

There are other resources to assist individuals and parish groups in understanding the Church’s teaching as it relates to church architecture.
Norms for the Placement and Design of the Tabernacle
by the Diocesan of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Norms for the Construction and Ordering of Church Buildings
by the Diocese of La Crosse
Further resources are available from the Bishop’s Pastoral Office.

Dr Denis McNamara:

Dr Denis McNamara provides a series of 10 short Youtube clips with very useful material