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Prayer for Renewal of the Diocese

Fr Rick Loughnan, our Diocesan Administrator, has asked that as a way of asking the Lord for renewal in our Diocese at the same time as we further our rebuilding programme, that we together pray the following prayer.
God of Love – Through our baptism you have called each one of us into the Church in the Diocese of Christchurch.
You have endowed us with new life.
You have enriched us with the joy of life in your Son Jesus Christ.
You have poured out the Holy Spirit upon us.
As we build new buildings and strengthen old ones, may we also experience the deeper renewal of ourselves as the Body of Christ. Strengthen us in faith; renew us in your love; give us an unbreakable hope in your promise of eternal life.
Help us to reach out to those in every kind of need and treat them with compassion, dignity and justice.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen