There are large range of groups and organisations within the diocese that can assist with many of the difficulties we face in life.

Below is a list of some of the organisations, their contact details and a brief description of the services they provide.

Catholic Social Services
Matthew Brodie House, 336 Cashel Street
Phone: 03 379 0012
Email: c.s.s@clear.net.nz
Web: css.nzl.org
Post: PO Box 4237, Christchurch 8140
Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00am-5.00pm Tuesday, Thursday 9.00am-6.30pm

Catholic Social Services is an Agency of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Catholic Social Services seeks as an integral part of the church to reach out to human need.

The agency promotes a holistic approach by offering counselling, social work support, group courses for children and adults, as well as budgeting / advocacy, practical needs advice and assistance and postadoption services. All services are no-cost and readily available to all. Counsellors / social workers offer quality professional services and are members of professional bodies to which they are accountable. All clients can expect a caring safe environment, respectful and non- judgmental treatment, cultural awareness and complete confidentiality.

Catholic Social Services works primarily in the immediate Christchurch environs. Upon request, the agency will support parish-based initiatives within the wider Diocese, as needs emerge and resources permit.


Catholic Social Services offers Individual, Couple and Family Counselling using a range of different approaches. The areas covered include but are not limited to:

 Depression
 Grief
 Anxiety
 Trauma
 Relationship difficulties – couple and family
 Stress
 Children’s behaviour


Catholic Social Services offer a range of group programmes for free of charge to members of the community. Group programmes have been developed to help participants manage specific issues with greater understanding and awareness. These programmes include:

 CREAM (Conflict Resolution, Emotional Awareness and Anger Management).
This course looks at why people behave the way they do and how we can be in control of our lives.
This course is an Adult anxiety course. It is an opportunity to understand anxiety, gain strategies to manage your anxiety, learn how to change automatic thoughts and overcome limiting thoughts and behavior.
 Supporting Your Child Following Separation and Divorce. This programme provides helpful information about how children react to change and loss. What you can do to help your children by seeing through their eyes; how to communicate with them; understand what is normal and explore ideas that will help support you both. This distinctive approach – taking the child’s perspective – provides emotional space and or non-judgemental environment for parents to wonder, share, discuss and learn how to care for and nurture their children post-separation and divorce.
 Facing Your Fears
This course is for children aged 8-10 years about anxiety. Anxiety can come in many different forms, and can feel really out of control for the child concerned. Experiencing fears about all sorts of situations, people or things is very tiring for the child, as well as for parents, and things can quickly deteriorate. However, anxiety is also something that can be effectively managed and parents can improve the child’s chances of learning how to do this by working together with their child in our Facing Your Fears Programme.
 Parenting Spirited Young People
This course offers an alternative approach to looking at parenting by looking first at ourselves, as parents. Who are we? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we react to some things with such intensity? What have we learnt from our parents? This course covers topics such as personality styles, attachment, birth order, and the influence of the family tree, and how all of this impacts the way we parent our children. We explore anger and conflict, look at alternative ways to interact and communicate. We tap into our innate strengths and our own learning style to help support change – for both us as parents and our children. Suitable for parents of children from all age groups.
 Seasons for Growth
Grief Courses for Adults and Children dealing with grief because of death, divorce, disability, disease or other losses in your life? This course will: • Encourage you to express your thoughts/emotions; • Explain the grief process; • Help you to normalise emotions associated with your loss; • Help you to restore self-confidence.

John Paul II Centre for Life
Phone: 03 351 3227 (0508 HERE4U Pregnancy Centre)
Phone: 03 351 3225 (Admin. Office)
Web: www.jp2.org.nz

The JPII Centre is a Christchurch-based Catholic organisation dedicated to building a culture of life, marriage and family through prayer, service and education. The centre offers practical support and assistance to mothers facing unplanned or crisis pregnancy, as well as support for women seeking healing from the pain of abortion. They also have a special focus on education offering formation in pro-life, family, marriage and faith related issues.

Most importantly of all, they believe that everything that they do at the John Paul II Centre for Life should be underpinned by prayer, and that this contributes to the sense of peace, healing and hope that people encounter daily at our Christchurch center.

Pregnancy Centre
The John Paul II Centre for Life has a special focus on serving the needs of women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies, as well as those who are seeking healing from the pain of baby-loss or abortion.

Our pregnancy centre offers care to any woman facing an unplanned or crisis-pregnancy. We can offer a listening ear and practical support, helping women to navigate what can be the extremely difficult and emotionally demanding situation of an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Our caring team is ready to provide any woman support and someone to talk to, and the help we provide is free and totally confidential.

If you live in Christchurch and you, or someone you know and love is facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, then please call us on 0508 HERE 4 U (0508 437 348) or: (03) 351 3227, we are always available to listen and to talk through the issues you are facing.

Healing after Baby-Loss or Abortion
The trauma of baby-loss or abortion can be something hugely traumatic for any person who experiences it. Our caring team is always ready and available to provide a non-judgmental listening ear to any person dealing with the grief of baby-loss or abortion.

Our support is completely confidential and totally free, and our team can refer you to more specialized grief counseling services if this is needed.

If you, or someone you know and love is struggling with the pain of baby-loss or abortion then please call us anytime on: (03) 351 3227.

Book of Life
The John Paul II Centre Book of Life is a special memorial book for anyone who has lost a child in the womb or at birth and wishes to have somewhere to memorialize their little one. The Book of Life has been lovingly handcrafted and inside its beautiful wooden frame it houses specially printed pages where the names of lost little ones can be handwritten. The Book of Life is kept in a central spot in our chapel, so that those with names in it can come and spend time reflecting on their little one, and every week all of the babies recorded in the Book of Life are prayed for at our team Mass.

Billings Natural Fertility
The Billings Method is an effective, scientific and medically approved method of natural fertility control. It is applicable whether a woman has short or long cycles, and it can be used by women who are breastfeeding, approaching menopause or coming off contraceptive medication.

The John Paul II Centre for Life offer private, confidential, one to one instruction with internationally accredited Billings teachers, at appointment times to suit you. All of our Billings tutors operate under the supervision of Dr Cathy, a qualified GP and highly experienced natural fertility practitioner and educator.

Cost: $230 (This covers all sessions, booklets and charts, etc for the first year)/  The JPII Centre is happy to subsidise anyone with a community services card.

For more information about Billings contact the Centre on (03) 351 3225.

Theology of the Body Seminars for Engaged Couples
Theology of the Body is a truly life changing expression of the Catholic teaching regarding love, marriage, sexuality and the human person. It answers some of the most fundamental and profoundly important questions of human existence.

The John Paul II Centre for Life offers seminars for engaged couples. The Joy-Filled Marriage programme is intended as a supplement to parish formation eg Commit and is also appropriate for young single adults wanting to know the Church’s teaching about marriage. Each seminar includes an introduction to the Theology of the Body, the sacrament of marriage (what you are saying “I do” to) and natural family planning. Cost and dates provided on application.

The John Paul II Centre for Life place a big emphasis on prayer, as we understand that it is the absolutely vital foundation upon which all our other work is built and carried out.

At the heart of our Centre is the Chapel of the Holy Innocents where we are privileged to have the Blessed Sacrament reserved, weekly Adoration and Mass which is celebrated for the cause of life and for all of our supporters and their families. Visitors are always welcome to join us for this Mass.

Weekly Holy Hour
We believe in the tremendous power that flows from adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We gather as staff every Thursday at 11am for a weekly Holy Hour.

St Vincent de Paul Society
Phone: 03 389 7484
Email: admin@svdpchch.co.nz
Web: www.svdpchch.co.nz
Physical Address:
265 Stanmore Road, Richmond Christchurch, 8015

The Society exists to help those in need throughout our community. We do this in response to the call of Jesus to love our neighbours as ourselves. Our help for others is not limited to any one thing but is given in many different practical forms.

Local St Vincent de Paul Conferences – providing food, clothing, furniture, support and mentoring
The heart & soul of St. Vincent de Paul is the Local SVdP Conference. “Conference” is the
vincentian name for our local membership groups. Members from our conferences make the traditional
“home visit” to connect with people from the local community and where necessary they provide food,
clothing, furniture, support and mentoring for those in temporary or permanent need.
There are adult conferences based in the following areas of Christchurch:
Bryndwyr, Burnside, Mariehau, Kaiapoi, New Brighton, Papanui, Rangiora , Addington, Beckenham,
City, Halswell, Hoon Hay, Hornby, Sockburn, Woolston, Riccarton

Welfare Office and Food bank
Our Welfare office is here for people who require help by way of food, household goods, advice and
information for the support of individuals and/or families. Contact us on 03 389 7484 ext 1. We can
also receive texts (no calls) to 027 3589400.

Our food bank is organised by the welfare office and provides basic food needs for families and
individuals who are in immediate need of assistance. Our food bank relies on the generous support
of individuals and businesses to keep it stocked. Perishable food donations are accepted by local
conferences or at either of our stores. Large donations of goods can be picked up by our Van and
Truck team, please call the Operations manager Penny Marks to organise this, 03 389 7484. Financial
Assistance also allows us to buy food in bulk to stock up the food bank.

The main way the Society raises money for its work is through the more than 50 shops and centres
around New Zealand that sell a variety of goods at very reasonable prices.
In Christchurch City there are two St. Vincent de Paul Shops, one at 265 Stanmore Rd in the suburb
of Richmond, and the other at 19 Langdons Rd in Papanui across from Northlands Mall. These shops
serve a few different functions.

People kindly donate quality clothing, furniture and other goods to our shops. These are sorted by
our volunteers and are either sold to the public at bargain prices with the proceeds going to
assist the needy in our community in many different ways.

We also receive orders for some of these goods from welfare contacts in our communities including
our St. Vincent de Paul Conferences. These goods go directly back out into the community at no cost
to those who are most in need.

Shop locations and hours
NORTH AVON – Christchurch
265 Stanmore Road, North Avon, Christchurch
03 389 7484, P O Box 26007 North Avon, Christchurch 8053
Monday to Friday, 9am—4pm
Books, clothes, bric-a-brac, electrical goods

PAPANUI – Christchurch
19 Langdons Road, Papanui, Christchurch 03 389 7484
Monday to Friday, 9am—4pm Clothes, shoes, books

Mary Potter Courts
Manager: Sr Helen Barry LCM
Phone: 03 372 9224
Email: lcm.chch@xtra.co.nz
Physical Address:
29-39 Caledonian Road St Albans Christchurch 8014 New Zealand

Dating back over 100 years, The Little Company of Mary was inspired by the words of Mother Mary Potter who said, “Love alone inspires us to service.” The people behind this wonderful organisation are devoted to caring for the suffering and dying of our world, providing both practical resources as well as prayer.

First established in New Zealand in Christchurch, 1913, their work continues in the present day with elderly care facilities operating throughout the country.

The Mary Potter Community Centre in Christchurch exists to assist seniors living in the wider community, who may be housebound or isolated through ill health or reduced activity. Residents of Mary Potter Courts are welcome to join the social activities programme provided.

After the Mary Potter Hospital in Christchurch was sold in 2004 the Sisters decided support for the elderly would be their future focus. Wishing to share their resources the Sisters added an additional 13 Villas to the existing Mary Potter Courts bringing the total number to 30. These provide affordable rental accommodation for low income, independent, seniors aged 60 years and over.

The Mary Potter Community Centre on site was completed in 2007. The Eucharist is celebrated at the Centre 5 days a week and a social activities programme is provided. The programme is designed to assist seniors living in the wider community who may be housebound or isolated through ill health or reduced activity. Residents of Mary Potter Courts are welcome to join in all activities.

Christian Renewal Association New Zealand (CRANZ)
Mail: CRANZ, 88 Idris Road, Fendalton, Canterbury, 8052, New Zealand

Christian Renewal Association New Zealand (CRANZ) is a charitable trust and an umbrella organization for a for a variety of Christian-based care & support services. They offer support, counselling, healing and training across New Zealand.

Our services help people to overcome their past and current personal, emotional and psychological traumas and pain, enabling them to reach their individual potential in society, and are for people of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Through our core ministry Emotionally Free, we train and supervise prayer counselors to provide donation/koha based confidential counselling services and respite referrals in various locations throughout New Zealand. Emotionally Free® New Zealand is run in NZ by agreement with Rita Bennett, of Christian Renewal Association Inc. Edmonds, Washington, USA. We are an ecumenical trust accountable to the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand.

CRANZ is focused on providing a high quality, caring and confidential service.

Courses and Programmes offered

Healing of the Soul is an in-depth ten week small group course, and each session has a short teaching, a time of sharing, and prayer ministry.Topics covered include self-esteem, overcoming lies, dealing with fears, forgiveness of God, self and others, and other associated issues.

Unbound ministry empowers people to take hold of the freedom they have been given in Christ. Unbound is a deliverance prayer ministry that focuses on people, not evil spirits. It is a safe, loving and reproducible model that helps people to respond to the good news of the gospel and apply the truth to their lives using the Five Keys: Repentance & Faith, Renunciation, Forgiveness, Authority and Father’s Blessing.

The Holy Spirit & You Gifts Course is a unique, comprehensive, Scripture-based course, helping countless individuals understand and live the Spirit-filled life. It was written by international leaders in the Renewal of the Holy Spirit, the Rev. Dr. Dennis Bennett and Dr. Rita Bennett.
The course includes:
 Teaching by trained leaders from syllabus and scriptures
 Facilitator-led small group discussions, prayer for the release of gifts and an opportunity to practice operating in these gifts
 Graduation certificates and anointing service
 Leadership training for those who desire it

Prayer Counselor Training
The specialised prayer counselor training offered by CRANZ teaches people how to pray with others for the
healing of the whole person.The Basic Course we offer here can be done for personal benefit or as a foundation for becoming a prayer counselor before doing the Advanced Course

Emotionally Free – Basic Course is an eight part powerpoint course, with small groups, and individual prayer for in-depth healing.Teachings include: Scriptural foundations for inner healing, having a personal relationship with Jesus, being set free from cults and the occult, baptism in the power of the Holy Spirit, what soul healing is and is not, healing your inner child, learning to forgive from the will and emotions, healing life’s hurts, spiritual freedom and breaking generational bondage.This course is suitable for those seeking personal healing and is a requirement for those wanting to be trained as prayer counselors. A Basic Course Manual is available.

Emotionally & Spiritually Free – Basic Course (Catholic edition) is a 10-part powerpoint course with small groups, Reconciliation, Mass and individual prayer for soul healing.Teachings in this course cover all the same topics as the general Emotionally Free – Basic Course, such as having a personal relationship with Jesus, being set free from cults and the occult, and healing of the inner child. This course also goes deeper into the Catholic theology & practice of healing: the Sacraments of healing, foundations in scripture and tradition for soul healing, and the difference between the sacrament of Baptism and the baptism/empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
This course is suitable for those seeking personal healing and is a requirement for those wanting to be trained as Catholic prayer counselors.

Emotionally Free – Advanced Course is a requirement for those wanting to train as prayer counselors. This course includes teaching, small groups, and prayer for healing of traumas. Topics covered in this course include: fear, anger, journey to wholeness & dealing with traumas, release from losses in life, and healing of prenatal & birth traumas. This course also has a practical aspect, with two required practicums.An Advanced Course Manual is available.

Individual Prayer Counseling
We have teams of prayer counselors available in various locations throughout New Zealand. Inner healing is a process or journey taken at the pace right for you, so appointments are for 1 hour, normally weekly then progressing to less frequently as major issues are dealt with. There is no charge for our services but a donation/koha is appreciated to assist with our costs and the growth of the ministry, enabling us to help others.

Respite Services
Are you desperately needing a break in a peaceful, loving environment, with the option of receiving healing prayer? Or do you know someone else who is in need that you would like to sponsor?
Contact us in regards to respite facilities.

The Catholic Worker
Post: The Catholic Worker, P O Box 33-135, Christchurch
Phone: Francis 03 338 7105
Members of Te Wairua Maranga Trust have since 1989 been operating a community following a Catholic Worker philosophy. While ecumenical in personnel and outreach, members of the Catholic Worker follow a spirituality inspired by the teachings of Christ and consistent with the major social teachings of the Catholic Church. Our movement was founded in 1933 by Dorothy Day, a US journalist, and Peter Maurin, a French-born pilgrim and labourer.

The manifesto of the Catholic Worker highlights a commitment to pacifism, personal responsibility for the welfare of our poor and destitute neighbour, the promotion of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy as found in the Gospels, and the living out of the Beatitudes in daily life.

What we offer

In Christchurch, we operate three houses of hospitality named after Suzanne Aubert, Thomas Merton and Joseph Cardijn, and the Promised Land farm outside Leeston. We engage in regular prayer, seek to support one another, and publish a quarterly journal The Common Good. We offer hospitality to people in need either on a temporary or more permanent basis. We have a continuing outreach to a number of families offering friendship and support and we support actions for justice in a variety of forms.

We celebrate a liturgy followed by a shared meal every Wednesday evening at 6pm at Suzanne Aubert House, 8a Cotterill Street, Addington, Christchurch, ph 03 338 7105. Anyone is welcome.

Catholic Workers also operate Clarehouse, a house of hospitality in Opononi (phone 09 405 8209) on the Hokianga Harbour, and St Francis of Assisi CW Farm in Whirinaki, also on the Hokianga in Northland.

Reclaiming Our Funerals
We also offer funeral services that offer an alternative and cheap way of burying loved ones. A funeral can be a wonderfully creative event if a family is aware of its possibilities.
Costs. Few adequate funerals are available for less than $6,000 and many cost well over $9,000. Yet funerals need not be so expensive. An all-up funeral could cost as little as the price of the burial plot ($828 or $1370 dug) or cremation fee ($700/800) if the family do the other services required. Depending on location, a full funeral could be kept as low as $1200/1500.
Caskets/coffins. When purchased from an undertaker, caskets can range from $400 to $5,000, with $800 the average. Family members can make one. A simple home-made wooden casket made from customwood – pine or plywood – lined with linen/cotton and plastic (no PVCs for cremations) can be adequate. But you can order one from a funeral director. (Or in Christchurch you can order from mikefcoughlan@yahoo.com , phone 03 332 9192.)
For further information contact Funeral Choice, P O Box 33-135, Christchurch, or email jim.conse@xtra.co.nz. Or www.funeralchoice.co.nz)

More Information
We do not seek funding from traditional sources. Trusting in Providence, we hope to receive enough to
keep our houses of hospitality open and our various works going. Catholic Worker houses do not issue tax receipts since we are running neither a business nor a church social agency. We invite people to participate personally and unconditionally.

St John of God - Waipuna
Phone: 03 386 2159
Email: enquiries.waipuna@sjog.org.nz
St John of God Waipuna is located at 349 Woodham Road, Avonside, Christchurch 8061

Community, Youth and Child Services offers a specialised range of ‘wrap-around’ services based at St John of God Waipuna in Avonside. These provide young people aged 10 to 25 years and their family/whanau a ‘one-stop-shop’ for support and opportunities for growth and development. Services include:

Health and Wellbeing
The Health and Wellbeing team provides individual support and case work for young people at risk and their families. The team also offers Mental Health Services including Counselling (talking therapies and e-therapy) for young people aged 10 to 25 years. Types of counselling include specialised mental health, alcohol and drug counselling; one-off and brief intervention counselling; and eating awareness counselling.

Young Parents Support Service
Individual and group support to help young mums and dads make thoughtful choices. This includes one-to-one social work, and a wide variety of educational and development programmes such as: various parenting courses, baby massage, ante-natal classes specifically for young parents, relationship courses, tenancy support, budgeting, job search, problem solving, goal setting, health and pregnancy issues, and the Watch, Wait and Wonder bonding and attachment programme. A Pacific young parent support service specifically for Pacific parents and their families.

Young Parents Development Programs
Our Young Parents Development programs are delivered at St John of God Waipuna and are focused on supporting mums and dads to make positive thoughtful choices.
Young Parents to Be (YP2B)
This programme is Childbirth and Parenting sessions for “Young Parent 2Be”. Birth and labour advice, what to expect, life after baby.
Young Parents Breastfeeding Support Group
A group for young parents who are breastfeed, mix feed or want more information and support. This programme is run by qualified peer counsellors.
Infant Massage Instruction
This is run by certificate infant message instructors. Learn how to massage and help your baby to sleep peacefully, cry less often and improve overall heath. Connect with other parents who have young babies. This is a group for parents of babies that are newborn to 6 months.
Mellow Parenting
This programme is a relationship based parenting group that supports creating a positive relationship between you and your child. Each group will include an activity and lunch time with your child as well as a time for parents to discuss parenting topics together.
Watch Wait and Wonder
Family intervention for babies and toddlers focused on warm, loving and secure relationships between parent and child. We can provide betweeen 8 and 26 sessions with parents and children. For more information contact Natasha.Nish@sjog.org.nz

Other programs

We also offer a Driver’s Licence Preparation program to help with study towards gaining a Learner License, as well as a Nutiontional Cooking program helping you to cook healthy recipes on a budget.
For more information about our programs or to make a referral contact us or email Rosie.Innes@sjog.org.nz or Jamie.ussher@sjog.org.nz

Pacific Young Parents’ Service
A Pacific young parent support service specifically for Pacific parents and their families.

Community Development
Our Community Development team offers a wide range of services and initiatives ranging from individual support and advocacy through to community action.

Adventure Therapy
Vulnerable young people explore and develop their strengths and wisdom in a supportive yet challenging environment through outdoors and adventure activities combined with intensive mentoring and counselling.

Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD)
Develops community action initiatives that aim to reduce drug related harm in youth, and increase community ownership and capacity to address this health issue.

Early Childhood Education
The Little Owls Preschool, a purpose built early education centre, provides a unique approach to childcare with a focus on ‘wrap-around’ support to young parents and their children. Little Owls Preschool and Daycare is located on the corner of Woodham Road and Pages Road in Avonside and is well situated for
families in Avonside as well as Wainoni, Linwood, Bexley and Phillipstown. Little Owls offers high teacher to child ratios in both our Nursery and Preschool Rooms.
We utilise Te Whariki in our centre and ensure all of our children are engaged in various learning experiences. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced who take pride in providing a warm and caring environment for our tamariki and whanau.
Our Nursery caters for children 0-2 years and can have up to 17 children per day. The Nursery is a very calming environment with a separate sleep room and outdoor area. Children are able to explore and play throughout the day at their own pace.
Our Preschool caters for children 2-5 years and can have up to 38 children per day. The Preschool offers a range of experiences during the day, based on the children’s interests.
We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.00pm.

St John of God Hauora Trust has a Child Protection Policy that helps ensure the safety and protection of children and provide guidelines for our caregivers to ensure correct and effective processes are in place when there are concerns for the safety or well-being of children.
We offer very competitive fees and do not charge on public holidays. We welcome you to come and visit Little Owls anytime at 349 Woodham Road, Avonside, Christchurch, or call us on: Tel: (03) 373 8136.

St John of God – Halswell
Contact Information
To enquire about any of the services listed below contact us at
Email: enquiries.halswell@sjog.org.nz
Phone: 03 338 2009.

St John of God Halswell is a 54-bed specialist service providing residential and respite support to adults living with physical and/or neurological impairments between the ages of 16 and 65.

 Large single rooms with access to outside space
 Ensuite or shared bathroom
 Activities program
 Van with wheelchair hoist
 24 hour nursing care with a registered nurse on duty at all times
 Regular care assessments
 Full Allied Health team
 Pastoral services with full-time ChapIain
 Trust account available for long-term residents
 Onsite laundry
 All meals cooked onsite with a five week menu cycle

Rehabilitation and Therapy
St John of God Hauora Trust offers specialised rehabilitation and therapy to residents and community in Christchurch and Wellington.

Our rehabilitation and therapy teams comprising of: Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants as well as a Speech Language Therapist, Counsellor and Advocacy Coordinator, Community Facilitator and an Activities Coordinator.

The team provides specialty neurological therapy and rehabilitation to the residents of St John God Halswell, St John of God Karori, St John of God Selwyn and St John of God Addington.

In addition, St John of God Hauora Trust manages a specialty outpatient and in-home neurological rehabilitation programme at The Granada Centre. The Granada Centre is a centre of excellence for therapy and rehabilitation for adults with physical and neurological disabilities in Christchurch, New Zealand. We provide both individual and group therapy and rehabilitation as an outpatient service to help to maximise long-term recovery, independence and quality of life.

We specialise in working with rehabilitation for brain injury, stroke, and brain haemorrhage, adults needing therapy before returning to work, adults living with neurological conditions and people experiencing difficulties with balance, coordination, motor-skills and swallowing.

An individualised therapy and rehabilitation programme may combine a number of activities including:
 Group Exercise or Group Communication Classes
 Individual Sessions with a Physiotherapist, Speech Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist
 Hydrotherapy (off-site) or Music Therapy
 Social and Support Groups
 Sensory Groups or Writing Groups.

Contact us for more information about Rehabilitation and Therapy services offered at individual locations near you.

Studio apartments
Our three self-contained studio apartments are available on a short to medium term basis for people needing accessible accommodation. They can also be used as transitional living spaces for people as part of a community rehabilitation plan. Support by nursing staff, healthcare assistants and the allied health team may be included as part of your agreement with us.

High Dependency
St John of God Halswell has 51 high-dependency support beds for residents living with complex or degenerative conditions, led by a Registered Nurse with the support of a multi-disciplinary clinical team. High-dependency support is available on both a long term and respite basis.

Visitors are always welcome and whilst there are no set times, it is preferable that visits are between 10:30am and 8:30pm, and outside of these hours by arrangement.

St John of God Home Support Service – COMING SOON
St John of God Hauora Trust will soon offer a Home Support Service providing in-home support for people living with a disability.

Faith and Light Community
Provincial Coordinator, Mary de Leijer
Phone: 03 323 85316
Email: faithandlight.nz@xtra.co.nz

Faith and Light, founded by Jean Vanier, is a Christian community movement for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends.

It is an international organisation with communities in over 60 countries. Communities meet regularly for prayer, sharing and celebration.

Faith and Light believes in the uniquness of each person and their right to be loved and respected. Faith and Light aslo believes that every person, able-bodied or disabled is equally loved by God and is called to deepen his/her spirituality. Each person, however profoundly he/she may be disabled, is called to be a source of grace and peace for the whole community, for the Church and all humanity.

Marralomeda Charitable Trust Inc
Phone: 03 352 8292

Marralomeda is a Christian community where people with and without intellectual disability share life together. Nineteen people with intellectual disability live in four homes in Redwood with those who support them. Through ordinary daily activities we support each other and enable the unique gift of each person to be recognised and celebrated. Inspired by the concept of the L”Arche communities founded by Jean Vanier, Anne-Marie and Roger Pike began Marralomeda on 27th November 1989 when they invited Anne Miller and Margaret Bowring who had lived at Tempelton Centre for over 30 years to share life with them and their 3 children John, Ena and Colleen.

Activity Centre
The Centre is a very central part of life for all members of the community. This is a place where members participate in a programme tailored to meet their personal needs and level of activity.

Cobden Mercy Outreach
Based near Greymouth, this organisation offers a wide range of support for women and their families, helping them to make changes and to build a positive future. Cobden Mercy Outreach is run by two Sisters of Mercy from their homes in this small West Coast town.
It provides temporary accommodation, ranging from one night to several months, for people in different circumstances. This includes emergency accommodation, respite care for people with mental health issues, and room for those waiting for a Housing New Zealand house.
Hospitality is important as many drop in for a cuppa and a chat. Often they need to share a problem with someone they can trust. Many have no family support, and this friendship is important to them.
Mercy Outreach - Christchurch
Email: Sr Mary Wood marywood14@gmail.com
Following the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, the four sisters of Mercy in Christchurch East set up a Mercy Outreach Ministry, to provide shelter and support for residents affected by the earthquakes in their area. They received initial funding from their Congregation, with ongoing donations from the Catholic diocese in Christchurch and from generous individuals over the months that followed.

Mercy Outreach assists in two main ways. Firstly the Sisters of Mercy, and other religious congregations, made their holiday houses available as temporary accommodation for those who had to move out for earthquake damage and repairs.

Secondly Mercy Outreach helps struggling residents in the Eastern Suburbs suffering from the effects of the earthquakes with the basic necessities of life. Over 200 families have been supported and they continue to do great work supporting individuals and families in the eastern suburbs.

Diocesan Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
Convenor: Rev Michael Pui
Phone: 03 366 9869
Physical Address: Cathedral House 2/9 Washington Way Sydenham Christchurch 8011 New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 4544 Christchurch 8140 New Zealand

The purpose of the Commission is to study the teaching of the Church as it bears on society and social questions. This teaching, in fact, belongs to the moral theology of the Church and has been built up since the very infancy of the Church because the Church and her members have always tried to let Catholic faith shed its light on society. Rather than offering technical or political solutions to social issues, the Church looks to analyse things from the standpoint of Catholic faith. As a distinct and recognisable body of doctrine, a stream of magisterial teaching, known as Catholic Social Teaching, goes back to the famous “Rerum Novarum” (1890) of Pope Leo XIII.

The Commission was established by Bishop Meeking in 1994. Members of the Commission are appointed by the Bishop for a two year term.

From time to time it publishes a newsletter “Dignitas Humana” which is made available in the churches of the Diocese and on this website.

Catholic Women’s League
The Catholic Women’s League in Christchurch Diocese began in 1936 and continues to be an important and vibrant part of parish life in 11 Christchurch City branches and 8 other branches spread through Mid and South Canterbury and the West Coast.

September 2010 was the beginning of a dramatic and traumatic time for the Diocese, from the time of the first earthquake to the Pike River tragedy and the February 22nd 2011 quake. In Christchurch the disruption and devestation caused by these events has affected every member to some degree.

Despite disruption to parishes and homes members continue with League activities: raising funds for mission communities, assisting in parish activites, aiding local children and families where need is perceived.

The Diocesan Council meets monthly, alternating between meetings between Christchurch and Ashburton to share travelling, enabling the League to function in an ever-changing world. The publishing of a monthly newsletter ensures members know what is happening and what is planned for the future.

Nazareth Community of Care
The Nazareth Community of Care is a new retirement village and care complex being developed in Christchurch by the Sisters of Nazareth.

Situated on 8 hectares of established grounds, the community is located on the site of the former Nazareth House aged care facility, Brougham St, Sydenham. Nazareth Community of Care will provide independent living options by way of retirement villas alongside rest home, hospital and dementia care facilities. A new convent and chapel will also be built.

A community within a community, Nazareth will incorporate a market style square featuring services such as a café, hairdresser, pharmacy, consulting suite, and small cinema. Nazareth communities respect all religious faiths. Although a Catholic organisation, the Nazareth Community of Care is non-denominational in its acceptance of others. Sixty-two villas for independent living comprise the first stage and will be sold from the plans.

Our commitment to providing the very best in retirement village living means every inch of Nazareth Community of Care is thought about with specific attention to detail. Expert touches ensure that you can live in total comfort, in a community that you will be proud to call home.

Nazareth will be a vibrant community in which to live, with options including independent retirement villas through to hospital, rest home, dementia and palliative care.

The Nazareth Community of Care will ultimately comprise an 80 bed hospital and rest home and 20 beds for secure dementia care, a chapel, and a small convent for the community of Sisters of Nazareth on site.

OUR LOCATION: 155 Salisbury Street, Christchurch
Email: info@maryvillecourts.org.nz
Sales: 03 379 1155
Office: 03 379 0357
Office hours: 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday
Open Home: 10.00am to 2.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and by appointment

Maryville Courts is proud to be the forerunner of Retirement Villages in Christchurch, and continues to flourish. The Village comprises 65 independent villas, a Community Centre, which provides spacious lounges, dining and kitchen facilities, a games room with full-size snooker table, manager’s office, nurse’s room, library, and a hairdressing salon. The village has a park-like setting, sitting on 5 acres of lawns and gardens.

Maryville Courts is full of like-minded people, who are as busy (or not) as they wish to be. There are many social activities in the village including: petanque, carpet bowls , bridge, knitting and walking clubs, Tai Chi, snooker, Sunday BBQs, twice-weekly happy hours, weekly shopping bus, library. Golf, lawn bowls and tennis are close by.

The Village is staffed five days a week between 8.30am and 5.00pm; on weekends and public holidays a Senior Caregiver is on site between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Management personnel are on call in case of emergency situations and can be reached via the after-hours answering service. (An information package, which includes details of services, fees and our disclosure statement is available on request.)

Maryville Courts is governed by a Board of Trustees – The Maryville Courts Trust Board, which was established in 1983, and is registered under the Charitable Trust Act 1957. The Board is the owner of the land on which the units are built, holding it under a Deed of Trust from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Christchurch. Maryville Courts is fully interdenominational.

P.A.T.H.S Post Abortion Trauma Healing Service
Mail: P.A.T.H.S. PO Box 1557, Christchurch 8040 New Zealand
Phone: 0800 728 470 or +64 3 379 7710
Email: admin@postabortionpaths.org.nz
Website: www.postabortionpaths.org.nz

The Mission Statement for P.A.T.H.S is to offer hope for the hurting, healing facilitation, education and outreach in the post-abortion area.

The P.A.T.H.S. Charitable Trust was constituted in December 1997. They adopted and adapted a 10 step healing programme from Victims of Choice in the United States and the counselling service began.

It became apparent that the sensitive and contentious nature of the issue prevented people, churches or even health professionals from responding or supporting the work. We also realised that the taboo talking around the issues made it difficult for people to reach out for help. Our focus shifted then into provision of information, raising awareness around the reality and experiences of abortion loss and trauma for those affected, and education and training around post abortion issues and healing facilitation.

Today P.A.T.H.S. provides a range of services for help after abortion, termination or pregnancy loss, to
benefit those adversely affected, and those in relationship with them.

 Counselling
 Two Day Post Abortion Seminars for those who may encounter and support people who have had terminations or abortions
 Support Groups
 P.A.T.H.S. Connect Group
 P.A.T.H.S. Facebook Group
 Remembrance Services
 Newsletters
 Information Booklet

More Information
To find out more about what we are about view a YouTube clip made for Shine TV in 2012 where the then Co-ordinator Carolina was interviewed. Note this clip although dated helps to get a sense of our approach and hopefully will help those affected feel they are able to come for help.

Project Rachel
Project Rachel – Counselling for Grief Following the Loss of a Baby

Phone: 0800 111 811

Our specially trained counsellors can help with the pain and grief felt after the loss of a baby through ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, still birth, adoption or IVF. Mothers, fathers and grandparents can carry the pain and unresolved grief with them for a long time often without realising where it is coming from. Project Rachel is a response to people who may be experiencing this sense of loss. It is open to any person.

With every abortion there are two victims – the woman and her baby. After an abortion, women are supposed to feel relief and not grief and maybe for a short time they do, but usually the true realisation of the true cost of their abortion eventually hits home and for most women this is devastating. For some women abortion can be so traumatising that afterwards they cannot even function normally, and many women may feel that they have no right to ask for help after making the decision to abort their baby. This guilt can be so enormous and affect them both psychologically and physically that it results in inescapable remorse and regret, which they believe they must keep secretly locked away inside.

If you have experienced the pain of abortion you are not alone, and you do not have to suffer in silence.

We have trained counsellors who can offer you specialised post-abortion counselling free of charge. Our service is non-judgemental and totally confidential. We understand what you are going through and we offer support that comes with no strings attached.

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats
The grief of an abortion is unlike any other and for many the complicated effects that ripple through their life as a result of an abortion decision become impossible to resolve. Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats offer a beautiful opportunity for healing to anyone who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of abortion.
 Forgiveness and healing, including the Catholic sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, are at the heart of these Retreats and they are open to everyone – those of any faith or denomination, as well as those with no formal faith connection.
 Spiritually directed exercises focus on God’s forgiveness, compassion and mercy. These help participants acknowledge and work through all their feelings related to the losses around their abortion and come to a new experience of peace and reconciliation.
 Professional Guidance & Compassionate Support – The Retreat Team includes professional counsellors, Spiritual Directors and those whose lives have been touched by abortion. The formation of the Retreat Team involves personal mentoring and clinical supervision to ensure that participants are treated with dignity, integrity and safety – at every moment.

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats are held at locations throughout New Zealand.

Contact details regarding Retreats
Retreat Coordinator Wendy Hill (enquiries and information)
Phone: 027 254 9222 or 04 974 8693
Email: rvnzretreats@gmail.com

Site Leader Suzanne O’Rourke (sponsorship & prayer support)
Phone: 021 549 528
Email: suzanneor@gmail.com

Postal Address: Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats PO Box 30-959 Lower Hutt 5040 WELLINGTON, NZ

WOOMB NZ (World Organisation Ovulation Method Billings New Zealand)
WOOMB NZ National Office
Address: 105 Waimea Road, Nelson, New Zealand
Phone: 0800 NZ FERTILITY (0800 693 378)
Mobile: 022 1517 047
Email: info@woombnz.org.nz

WOOMB NZ Charitable Trust is registered as a charitable entity on the New Zealand Charities Register under CC48802.

The executive arm of WOOMB NZ trust is Billings LIFE NZ. In accordance with the charter of WOOMB International of which WOOMB NZ is an affiliate, WOOMB NZ implements the programs of Billings LIFE NZ (Leaders in Fertility Education). Billings LIFE NZ oversees the training and accreditation of teachers in the authentic Billings Ovulation Method®. It also offers presentations to the community on fertility awareness and safeguarding reproductive health. Modules of learning are also available to health practitioners (including Gynecologists, General Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Midwives, etc.) on the scientific basis of monitoring a woman’s fertility throughout her life, using the Billings Ovulation Method™.

WOOMB NZ Mission Statement
Understanding, honoring and safeguarding the natural fertility of women thereby empowering them with the knowledge to achieve or postpone pregnancy and monitor their reproductive health. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Rosary House Spiritual Life Centre
Sr Anna Clarke RSM
Phone: 03-379 1298
Email: roho@xtra.co.nz
Web: www.sistersofmercy.org.nz
Physical Address: 22 Gracefield Ave Christchurch 8013 New Zealand

Rosary House Spiritual Life Centre provides spiritual direction, supervision for spiritual directors, retreat days, an environment for prayer and solitude, and educational programmes that promote spiritual development.

The centre is also available as a non-residential conference centre or for day and evening programmes.

“For my house will be called a house of prayer for all the people.” Is.56:7

Hoatu Fund

The Hoatu Fund is a fund of the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, to assist with the material and spiritual needs of vulnerable women, children and families.

The following guidelines provide further information about what the fund can be used to support and how to make a request for funding.

Hoatu Fund Guidelines February 2020

Should you require further guidance around making a request for funding, please contact: