Spiritual Direction

Whakakōingo o te Ngākau: The Yearning Heart

The group bearing this name was recently formed in the Diocese, during a meeting with Fr Rick Loughnan who is currently the Administrator of the Christchurch Diocese, to look at spiritual formation programmes available with the aim to promote and encourage individual spiritual growth.

For many years the Mercy Sisters Spiritual Life Centre, Rosary House has offered and still offers this valuable service to people.

Whakakōingo o te Ngākau includes both trained spiritual directors, who have undergone spiritual formation themselves and have led various retreats, and retreat leaders who have trained in leading retreats. We are aware that throughout the world there continues to be an upsurge in people seeking spiritual formation and desiring to discover a deeper meaning in their daily lives and our group wishes to offer this service to people of the diocese.  (A fundamental principle in the spiritual formation of our group is the Ignatian spirit of ‘finding God in all things’.)

Our first step as a group is to publish, with Fr Rick’s approval, the names of our spiritual directors making it possible for you to contact one of your own choosing requesting spiritual direction.   We are planning to continue the work of offering Retreats in Daily Life to Parishes and others.

You are welcome to email a particular Spiritual Director to enquire about spiritual direction. Note you will need to enquire of a Spiritual Director whether there is a cost involved.

List of Spiritual Directors

Fr Kevin Burns kevincburns@xtra.co.nz
Mary Catherwood RSM mcatherwood@xtra.co.nz
Christina Cathro RNDM christina.cathro@gmail.com
Anna Clarke RSM anna.clarke@xtra.co.nz
Kevin Gallagher kevingallagher@xtra.co.nz
Lyn Gallagher lyngallagher@gmail.com
Fr Mathew Siji (Valloppallil) sijivm17@gmail.com
Fr John O’Connor john@fff.org.nz
Trish O’Donnell  trish.willem@gmail.com
Kathleen Rushton RSM kprushton@gmail.com
Carole Sandford carolesandford@actrix.co.nz