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Respect Life

Welcome to our Respect Life page, where we wish to continue to promote respect for life from conception to natural death.
“Life is the first good received from God and is fundamental to all others; to guarantee the right to life for all and in an equal manner for all is the duty upon which the future of humanity depends.”
– Pope Benedict XVI


Heavenly Father, Source of all life,
we know that even in our darkest moments
you are with us.
We pray that you will give us new life and renewed courage
so people of life will continue to grow in love.
Awaken in us all a new reverence and respect for all life,
especially for those yet to be born into the world.
Help us to encourage and support all Mothers and Fathers,
particularly those facing difficult pregnancies.
Move the hearts of all our politicians to protect
the weakest and most defenceless entrustedto their care,
especially unborn children.
Guide and protect all those in the caring professions;
grant them your wisdom and peace
as we work together with all people of good will
to build a new civilisation of truth and love.


Sisters of Life, New York

The Sisters of Life are a Catholic religious order founded by the late Cardinal O’Connor. He was inspired to action in defense and respect for the human person after being profoundly impacted during a visit to one of the Nazi death camps.
They are regular visitors to New Zealand with a special charism focusing on spreading and promoting the culture of life. They do this through practical works, such as caring for pregnant mothers facing unplanned pregnancies, as well as educational efforts focused on challenging and forming people to live with a great respect and love for all human persons from natural conception to natural death.
The Sisters of Life are regular visitors to NZ, and they now include several young Kiwi women among their ranks. They will be returning to New Zealand in January 2012 to present lectures at the Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.


A website which provides excellent articles on all sorts of important ethical, social, political and religious issues, all with a special focus on reframing the debates about these important matters in terms of human dignity, not dollars and cents or political calculation.
They state that their focus is on placing “the person at the centre of media debates about popular culture, the family, sexuality, bioethics, religion and law. MercatorNet isn’t liberal.”   The Deputy Editor of MercatorNet, Carolyn Moynihan (who is also editor of MercatorNet’s Family Edge Blog) is a Catholic New Zealand journalist, and articles are regularly contributed by New Zealand authors.

John Paul II Centre for Life, Christchurch

www.jp2.org.nz Phone 022 503 9249

A Christchurch-based Catholic organisation dedicated to building a culture of life, marriage and family in New Zealand. They offer formation events educating on issues which undermine the sanctity of life and family, and also provide pastoral support to help strengthen families, marriages and faith, especially in times of trial.