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Preparation forms a vital part of any profession, career or vocation. Marriage is no exception. Couples preparing for marriage need time to explore their relationship and develop the skills needed to handle the challenges that inevitably arise when people share their lives. This unique relationship is a work in progress; a never ending journey of discovery.

Commit is a New Zealand based programme that is facilitated by a trained couple or priest.  It is a very useful tool to discover your areas of strength and areas you may need to work on.
It provides the opportunity for couples to concentrate on the strengths and areas for growth in their relationship and is a valuable introduction to the pre-marriage preparation courses that exist at parish level.
The primary objective of Commit is to provide a communication assessment inventory for couples preparing to marry. There are 144 statements altogether that each person responds to individually.
The Commit inventory covers a broad range of relationship areas including:

  • Personality differences
  • Lifestyle, Interests and Compatibility
  • Communication styles
  • Spirituality
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Managing conflict
  • Financial management
  • Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Parenting and Children

How Commit works:

A couple will meet up with a Commit facilitator/s in the home of the facilitator to complete an inventory.  This inventory includes a number of statements that each completes.

The couple will return on a second occasion with an invitation for discussion.

If you are considering marriage, Commit is an excellent opportunity and can help a couple make more effective use of their pre-marriage preparation.

For further information:

To register for Commit or to ask questions about Commit or pre-marriage preparation programmes in your area, please contact your local parish priest.