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Marriage and Family Life

A satisfactory family life growing out of a good marriage is the context in which a person can best achieve development as a human being and maturity as a follower of Jesus Christ.
It is a primary responsibility of the Church to uphold Christian marriage and family life in its teaching and practice. Neither the difficulty of the task nor the widespread negative attitudes in society today can excuse us from this effort which is necessary for human well-being, for the future of society, and for the true destiny of human beings.


The New Zealand Catholic marriage website
This is the marriage website for the United States Catholic Church

Congratulations on your up-coming marriage. The Church rejoices with you, and wants to help you have as happy a marriage as possible. The following notes are provided to assist you in your planning. more»


Preparation forms a vital part of any profession, career or vocation. Marriage is no exception. Couples preparing for marriage need time to explore their relationship.
Commit is a New Zealand based programme that builds on the previous FOCCUS marriage preparation inventory. more»

The Marriage Educators Committee (MEC) is a group established by the Bishop for the purpose of supporting Marriage Educators (those who prepare couples for Christian Marriage) in the Diocese. more»