Catholics Returning Home


The fact that so many New Zealanders live in abject spiritual poverty, not knowing a personal God, without experience of the Father’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, must surely call forth our active compassion (Mt 9, 35-36.).

Even more pressing is the love and care we owe to those, often members of our own family or friends, who have left off the practice of the faith and no longer follow Christ as active members of his Church.


Were you raised Catholic but never, or seldom, come to church anymore?
Are you a Catholic who now feels separated from the Church?
Would you like to know more about the Catholic Church as it is today?
Would you like to feel at home in the Catholic Church again?

No matter how long you have been away and no matter the reason, we would like to welcome you back.

We have a special ministry just for people like you who have been away from the Church. We would like to answer your questions and make you feel at home once more in the Catholic Church.

To find out more, we would encourage you to use either of the links below or to contact your local parish.

No matter how long you have been away and no matter the reason, we invite you to consider renewing your relationship with the Catholic Church…

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Catholics Returning Home

Catholic Enquiry Centre



If you’re thinking about becoming a Catholic, or just finding out more, We welcome you and thank you for your interest. Have a look around, and if you’d like a personal answer to your question, please ask us.

You might also like to contact the The Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC). This centre promotes the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith. Based in Wellington since 1961, the CEC is an agency of the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand, and is supported spiritually and financially by Catholics throughout the country.

The CEC invites people to enquire about the Catholic Faith – via TV, internet and magazine advertising – and we provide answers through literature, such as:CEC_LogoRGB.jpg
  • Set of 10 free ‘What Catholics Believe’ booklets
  • Free booklets on Catholic marriage preparation
  • A selection of Catholic books

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