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NZ Catholic Bishops make a statement on voluntary euthanasia

Dear parishioners,
Late last year a private member’s bill promoting voluntary euthanasia was withdrawn from the Parliamentary ballot.
We were pleased the bill was withdrawn but we knew that it did not signal an end to the promotion of voluntary euthanasia in our community.
In recent weeks a statement of claim has been filed in the High Court seeking a ruling to determine whether a GP can lawfully administer a lethal dose of drugs to a person who is terminally ill.
Our bioethics agency, the Nathaniel Centre, is a member of the Care Alliance, which is an alliance of 10 organizations committed to fighting attempts to introduce voluntary euthanasia in New Zealand, and to promotion of quality palliative care for the chronically and terminally ill.  We encourage you to take some time to inform yourselves more deeply about the issue, and why Catholics should be opposed to euthanasia. There is good material available on the website of The Nathaniel Centre and the Care Alliance.
The Nathaniel Centre and the Care Alliance have our full support as they engage with this latest attempt to introduce euthanasia in New Zealand. We ask for your prayers for their work.
As we celebrate the great mysteries of death and Resurrection this Easter, we also ask you to pray for all those who are chronically or terminally ill, and for those who care for them and love them.  That may be some of you, and we assure you that our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Cardinal John Dew DD
Most Reverend Barry Jones DD
Most Reverend Colin Campbell DD
Most Reverend Charles Drennan DD
Most Reverend Stephen Lowe DD
Most Reverend Patrick Dunn DD