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Marian College Update

Blessing of Chapel marks significant milestone in Marian College build

On 7 September, the chapel of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the new Marian College were officially blessed. Students from all year levels and senior staff were led by Fr John Adams in an emotional time of prayer in both English and Te Reo Maori.

Sr Eleanor Capper rsj was our first Marian College Principal. She reflected on past students, including those taken too soon, and the footprints they left for future Marian College students to follow. Current Marian College Principal Mary-Lou Davidson said that the blessing of the chapel and the school was a significant event for the college. “It was a joyful day as we were able to have staff and students pray together in the chapel for the first time.”

Project Manager Damian Leary said the chapel has been an exciting project for the Marian College build
team, with around eight months of planning going into it before it was put together. “The logistics of the chapel have been quite immense but we’re proud to have it standing vertical, and now all the dressing and fine architecture will go in,” he said. “We’ve got some of the best carpenters from the company working on it, as well as junior apprentices who are being taught how to assemble, so it’s good for them to get some experience on it.” Work on the school is progressing and we look forward to moving in next
year. You can view all the latest photos and videos of the new school at www.mariancollege.school.nz/lydiast

School talent showcased during Feast Day

Our Feast Day is notably the highlight of the Marian College school year, and the talent showcased by all
our students was outstanding. The celebration of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary began with Mass
led by Fr Edwin Colaco who had the students engaged from start to end. Then came the Whānau Singing
Competition, with students performing a Samoan pese ‘Ua e Manumalo’ as well as a chosen song. In the hotly contested competition, it was Brodie who took out the title for 2022. The afternoon’s talent quest showcased the incredible performers in our school including singers, dancers, and musicians.

Commemorating Whānau through Daffodil Day

Marian College students raised more than $600 to support the Cancer Society on Daffodil Day.

Head of Special Character Maria Ilalio said the students held a kei a koe te ra day where students dressed in yellow to “commemorate our whānau who are greatly impacted by cancer. This event holds great importance to our school as we do this with great purpose; to raise awareness of the ongoing battles of cancers as well as its horrifying statistics,” Maria said. “As a school we do our best to give back to our community as well as helping them in whatever way we can. Through Daffodil day, we have the opportunity of doing so, particularly for those who are impacted by cancer.” she observed.