Christchurch East Parish

Christchurch East Parish
739 Ferry Road
Christchurch 8241
New Zealand
Parish Priest: Rev Benito Velasco
Assistant Priest: Rev Peter Costello, Rev Paulo Filoialii

Sunday Mass times:

Saturday Vigil: 6pm (Woolston)
Sunday: 9am (Sumner), 10.30am (New Brighton and Woolston), 5.30pm (Lyttelton – 3rd Sunday of month), 5.30pm (Diamond Harbour – 1st Sunday of month), 5.30pm

Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest: Diamond Harbour, 8.30am

Weekday Mass times:

Lyttelton: Tuesday 9.15am
Sumner: Thursday 9.15am
Woolston: Tuesday to Thursday 9.15am, Friday 12noon

Mass Centres

Diamond Harbour
New Brighton

New Brighton contact details as follows:

Phone: 022 101 4039
PO Box 19625, Woolston, Christchurch 8241