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Interactive panels look inside Cathedral

View a video of Fr Rick Loughnan speaking about the new panels on the Cathedral fence, or visit our Facebook page to view. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sxui915hffrnoc/CATHOLIC%20FENCE.mov?dl=0
Interactive panels erected outside the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament will give visitors a video and pictorial view of the Catholic basilica’s history and also the damage sustained in the earthquakes.
The 12 panels, four of which have been printed with an interactive QR code, have created a timeline from 1860 to the present. The concept was developed by the Diocesan property team.
Upon scanning the code with a mobile phone, visitors are able to take a 360-degree interior tour of the Cathedral (prior to the quake), look at a slideshow of 25 archival construction photographs with comment and see drone footage of the interior of the building, and other video coverage, taken since the earthquakes.
Fr Rick Loughnan, Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, said that there was much interest in the Cathedral, its history and its present state.
“The panels create a timeline dating back to 1860 and the QR codes show the interior of the Cathedral in its full grandeur and what we have today.
“We had noticed that tourists have been squeezing their phones through the gates to takes photos of the Cathedral. Through the QR codes they will now have access to photos, videos and a drone fly-through which will allow them to compare the past and present,” he said.
The City Council has allocated a coach stop for tour buses in front of the fence.
Fr Rick said that the Diocese is still accessing fundraising options, both nationally and internationally, for the Cathedral, while awaiting the appointment of a new Bishop who will make the ultimate decision on the future of the Cathedral. A fundraising figure of $70 million has been identified.
“We have started fundraising in the parishes for their own individual needs and this is going extremely well, which is very encouraging,” he said.
Quick and easy guide for using the QR codes currently surrounding the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Go to the App store on your iPhone or Android device. Search QR code reader or scanner and download an app (most are free)
Open the new app – some may take you through a ‘how to’ process.
Allow the app to access your camera.
Once the camera function is open on the app, focus the QR code on the screen
Once focused, the app should automatically recognise the code and redirect you to the relevant webpage or video