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Earthquake Information

This page has been restarted after our latest earthquake.  View latest information here.
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Contributions towards Earthquake Relief

If you wish to make a donation to the Diocese to help those suffering from the result of the earthquakes this week, then donations can be made to:

  • Catholic Diocese of Christchurch
  • Account number: 03 0802 0948733-00
  • Please include as a reference “EQ donation”.
  • To receive a tax receipt please email accounts@chch.catholic.org.nz

These funds will be used to help those within the affected area of the Diocese.  The same account can be used if you wish to contribute to the Kaikoura and Wellington areas – please note in your reference.
Any queries please phone Cathedral House 366 9869.

Respite/Healing Centre

Our beautiful respite/healing centre in North Canterbury is ready to receive guests in need of rest and restoration in a loving caring Catholic environment, with optional prayer for inner/soul healing available.  If anyone is in need of immediate respite due to earthquake stress please contact Dianne and Paul Findlay ASAP on 03-312 8672

Assistance following the recent earthquakes

Are you or someone you know struggling emotionally following the recent earthquakes? Need someone to talk to?  Catholic Social Services can assist you.  Phone 379 0012, email c.s.s@clear.net.nz

Current property update.

We have an update on the following churches
Hanmer Springs
The comment from the engineer is:
“Based on our inspections and review of existing structural information we have regarding these churches,
it is our assessment that the seismic performance of these churches have not been significantly affected.
The churches may therefore be occupied on the same basis as prior to the earthquake.”

Previous property update sent to parish priests but contains relevant information for all.

As a result of the recent seismic events, the Diocesan Property Team have implemented a planned approach to assess the current status of all Diocesan property.
For all parishes outside of the Hurunui district, we ask that visual inspections be made by each individual parish and that the results of each inspection be communicated back to the Diocesan Property Office via e-mail or phone. Based on these visual inspections the team will determine whether a further inspection by an engineer is required.
We ask that you use your own judgement with these inspections and if at any time you do not feel safe to enter the building, please do not do so. Contact the Property Team immediately and we will make the necessary arrangements.
This also applies to all parish owned rental properties, presbyteries and contents. Please document and report all damage back to the Property Team as soon as practically possible.
As you can appreciate, our immediate priority will be focused on those parishes situated within the Hurunui district. We aim to have all inspections for this area completed by close of business this week. Inspections for all churches and properties in this district will be handled by the Property Team.
IMPORTANT: We ask that all clergy and parishioners refrain from entering these (Hurunui) buildings until such inspections have been fully completed and the results communicated back via Fr. John, Parish Priest.
Based on previous assessments, and the initial inspections that we have been able to get underway we can confirm that;

  •           The Culverden Church is closed and is not to be entered. This is a safety precaution that has been put in place based on concerns by the engineers who have previous knowledge of the building. It is yet to be inspected.
  •           The Halswell Hall has been inspected and cleared for use.
  •           The Hoon Hay Hall has had an initial inspection and some areas of concern have been raised. It is closed until it can be inspected by an engineer.
  •           Both the Chervier Centre in Rangiora and St Patrick’s Kaiapoi have had an initial inspection and have been cleared by an engineer.

We would like to stress that it is with great importance that all property related matters are communicated directly to the Property Team. This will allow us to take an educated and coordinated approach.
We appreciate your cooperation throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact myself Sarah on 022 657 7791 or sboyd@chch.catholic.org.nz
The Diocesan Property Team:
Tony Sewell – Manager
Sarah Boyd – Project Coordinator
Mary Curtis – Property and Facilities Coordinator
Shaun Mitchell – Project Manager
Steve Baker – Planning